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Candice McKenzie - Kidney Disease

In 2019 Candice McKenzie was diagnosed with a kidney disease called IgA nephropathy, also known as Berger’s disease. 


In 2022 Candice was diagnosed with kidney failure and as part of her ongoing treatment, she started dialysis to maintain her life as she waits for a kidney transplant.  As a result, this dialysis treatment makes it very difficult for Candice to carry out her work as a DJ and radio presenter.


NHS figures from 2022/2023 show that Black people represented 2% of deceased donors, 9% of deceased donor transplants, and 11% of the transplant waiting list.  The figures also showed that Black people represented 2% of living donors and 3% of living donor transplants.

Black patients wait on average 649 days for a kidney, making there an urgent need for more black people to donate to reduce the waiting time.


Candice is an advocate for kidney donation in the Black British African and Caribbean communities.  She writes about kidney disease, donation and transplant, and is regularly booked as a guest on TV and radio shows to offer advice and share her experience to empower and educate others.

31 October 2023

“Black patients wait 6 months longer for a transplant than white patients”

“Black patients wait 6 months longer for a transplant than white patients”

NHS Blood and Transplant recently published their Annual Report on Ethnicity Differences in Organ Donation and Transplantation 2022/2023.


12 October 2023

This Black History Month we need people from Black British African & Caribbean communities to do 3 things

Did you know that people with kidney disease may not know that anything is wrong? They cannot feel the damage before any kidney function is lost because it happens slowly and in stages.

That was me.

BHM Kidney Post.png

25 September 2023

Organ Donation Week reflections

5865 people are still waiting for a kidney transplant including myself, and I am currently on dialysis to maintain my life.

Kidney Care UK Kidney Transplant Waiting Numbers

9 March 2023

Candice McKenzie ACLT Kidney Donor Appeal

In 2019 Podcast Producer and part-time DJ & radio presenter Candice McKenzie was diagnosed IgA nephropathy, also known as Berger’s disease.

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