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Gospel House Music to help ease the pain of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

19 May is World IBD Day (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) - a day to unite people worldwide in their fight against Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. As someone who has had Crohn's Disease for almost 20 years I know what it’s like to live with an inflammatory bowel disease.

To help raise awareness of World IBD Day and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, I’m sharing my favourite Gospel and Inspirational House Music songs that help ease the pain when Crohn’s Disease gets tough.

Arnold Jarvis & Mannix - Stronger Thank You Think U Are

When IBD hits, it can really knock you for six. There have been periods in my life where I’ve been unable to work for months due to Crohn’s Disease. At one point in the early years I was literally bed bound because I was weak and feeling tired all of the time.

Even if you don't feel physically strong, I want to encourage you to keep your mind strong - it really is so important. Keep telling yourself positive things such as, "I am well", "I will get out of bed today", "I can make it to the shops today…" You are what you think, and you are a lot stronger that you think you are. You just need to believe it.

Jocelyn Brown - Don’t Quit (Be A Believer)

IBD can put you though some hard times. Not only does the illness make you feel physically unwell, but it can also be destroy your self confidence too. You may have lost weight, or have "moon face”. The illness can leave you feeling hopeless or worthless because you may have lost friendships or even lost your job - something that happened to me.

I love this mix of this song because it gets straight to the point - "Don’t you give up, don’t you give in". I know how down you can feel when you have an IBD, how low it can make you feel, but I want to encourage you to not give up, even in the hardest of times. Be a believer - everything will be alright.

Candi Staton - Hallelujah Anyway

When you are scrunched up in pain from Crohn’s Disease or another type of IBD, or even an Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and cramping has got it’s grip on you, it can be hard to focus on anything but the horrible, painful sensations that you are feeling.

You may feel like it is taking a lifetime to get better, especially if you are at a stage where you are in hospital or you have been feeling unwell for a long period of time. Throughout this tough time, I want to encourage you to remain positive, stay strong and have faith. Praise him until your situation turns around and the blessing of healing comes down.

DJ Spen & Soulfuledge feat Fruity - Thru The Fire (Daniel 3-1-30) (Extended LP MIx)

Having an IBD can take over your entire life - sometimes the pain is so bad it literally feels like you are right in the middle of a fire, and your insides are on fire at the same time.

This song is a great reminder that no matter what you’re going through, God has his eyes on you - and he will deliver you.

The Joi-Fuhl feat ShezAr - Don’t You Worry

Having a IBD can sometimes have you feeling like you're in the darkest of places. For me, not only did the illness get me down, but when I was first diagnosed it felt as if no one really understood what I was going through which left me feeling isolated and alone.

Well you are not alone - 20 years ago when I was first diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, we didn’t have social media like we do now. Make the most of platforms like Facebook and Twitter, join a group or follow an organisation such as Crohn's & Colitis UK or Crohn's & Colitis Foundation. Follow a person that is living with Crohns disease such as Anastacia or Carrie Grant or Tom Speight.

Don’t let your illness, break you down. Don’t let it hold you back or prevent you from living your life. You’ll be alright, don’t you worry, there’s a light at the end my friend.

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About the author: Candice McKenzie

Candice McKenzie | DJ and Radio Presenter

Candice is a multi award winning DJ and a Radio Presenter. She has been DJing since 1999 and is passionate about Gospel and Inspirational House Music and using it to encourage and inspire.

As a radio presenter, Candice is a familiar and trusted voice on Christian radio.

On weekdays she is the mid-morning presenter of The Sound of Gospel on Premier Gospel Radio and also mixes, produces and presents a weekly specialist House Music Show on the same station called The Sanctified Selection. On weeknights, Candice joins the nation for the last hour of the day with Nighttime with Candice McKenzie on Premier Praise Radio and also presents Breakfast with Candice McKenzie at the weekends.


The opinions expressed on my blog are based on my own thoughts, knowledge and personal experience. This is an opinion blog.

Please keep in mind that I am not a Doctor or other health professional so please consult the appropriate professional before making any changes to your diet, health, or other applicable areas. You should always do what is right for you and your personal life.

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