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Raise Your Vibration

In this blog, I will share with you positive thoughts, knowledge, opinions and experience, plus inspirational songs, simply because I wish encourage and inspire you, and to spread positivity.

Your vibration is your personal energy frequency. It is your divine signature. Your vibration is a direct reflection of your inner thoughts, feelings, beliefs, choice of words, how well you take care of yourself, and how well you take care of others. To raise your vibration would be nothing but beneficial. When you raise your vibration, you will start to see positive changes in your life which can help you with health, happiness, energy and success.

Here are five things that you can do right now to start raising your vibration.


Spending time with the people you love and care about is a great way to raise your vibration and put you in a positive mindset. Being kind and generous to other people is a way of showing and expressing love, and this puts you in a higher vibration. Giving to someone else without expecting anything in return, shifts your thinking from “I don’t have enough” to “I have more than enough to give to others” Abundance raises your vibration.

Keep your heart open. When you open your heart, you are able to give and receive love more freely. Keep returning to love. Love is the answer. Love raises your vibration.


The most beneficial way to raise your vibration is to count your blessings and be thankful for what you have. Being thankful for what you have shifts your vibration from focusing on what you don’t have, to focusing on what you do have, and what is already abundant in your life.

Gratitude reduces feelings of envy. Envy can produce feelings of insecurity, materialism, inferiority, and unhappiness. There isn’t anything wrong with wanting more, however having an attitude of gratitude can lessen our tendency to want more all of the time. If you focus on what you don’t have, then you will feel like you never have enough.

Trust your intuition

Intuition is knowing something without being able to rationally explain how you came to that conclusion. Intuition is the mysterious “instinct” or “gut feeling” that you have, that often turns out to be right, in retrospect.

Intuition is an essential life skill that we must learn to refine and develop. Uncovering and trusting your intuition does not happen overnight. It can be a process and even a struggle, however it is really important to put faith in to what your body and spirit is trying to tell you.

Have faith

When faced with any sort of uncertainty in life, faith is the knowledge, the belief, and feeling that you have deep down inside your heart and in your spirit, that things will get better or will be better. Faith is taking a step forward, even though you cannot clearly see the path in front of you and there is no guarantee or certainty of the outcome.

People do not just wake up with faith, and unfortunately, some people just cannot believe in the things that they cannot see. However, the importance of faith should not be underestimated. It’s just as important as the air that we breathe. Just like how oxygen nourishes the body, faith nourishes the heart and the soul.

Research suggests that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so why not start practicing having faith today and in a months time, look back to see how much of your vibration has been raised due to having a little bit of faith.


There are many reasons why you should smile. It is one of the most attractive things that you can do. Like the Sun, your smile can brighten the day.

Smiling releases chemicals called endorphins which trigger a positive feeling. Smiling is the beginning of laughter and laughing encourages the release of serotonin. Like endorphins, serotonin is a neurotransmitter which contributes to your happiness and wellbeing. A surge of endorphins can make you feel more self-confident. Feeling confident makes you happy. Feeling happy raises your vibration.

For more reasons why you should smile read my blog post - using music to encourage and inspire - Smile

Using music to encourage and inspire - here are some songs to help you with raising your vibration

Klevakeys feat Diamondancer - Raising Vibrations

Byron Stingily - Keep Love Going

London Community Gospel Choir (LCGC) - Faith

If you enjoyed the songs then you may enjoy my DJ Mix!

And finally, leaving you with some quotes to help you with raising your vibration

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share with your networks.

- Candice x


The opinions expressed on my blog are based on my own thoughts, knowledge and personal experience. This is an opinion blog.

Please keep in mind that I am not a Doctor or other health professional so please consult the appropriate professional before making any changes to your diet, health, or other applicable areas. You should always do what is right for you and your personal life.


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